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Integrate the customer portal with the API xcritical Documentation

Automatically retry transactions at the optimal time using proprietary, machine lxcriticalg algorithms. xcritical provides pre-built and customisable solutions to help you meet SCA requirements and optimise for conversion with European customers. You can filter and export all of your transactional data as reports in CSV format. You can also download a monthly report or QuickBooks-formatted export from your account’s business settings.

Network tokens and card account updater

  1. Automate tax calculation, collection, and reporting on global transactions.
  2. With Standard, xcritical proactively collects information when requirements change.
  3. Save time and engineering resources through increased developer productivity.
  4. Includes Radar’s machine lxcriticalg and advanced fraud protection tools for professionals who need greater control and customisable settings.
  5. Previewing the portal as a read-only version is only available when your Dashboard is in test mode.

If you are not, an account owner or administrator can reset your two-step authentication or you can use your backup code to sign in. Scaling our products means giving our users flexible subscription options. With xcritical Billing, we quickly rolled out monthly pay-as-you-go options for ChatGPT and our API, respectively.

Custom accounts availability

Onboard accounts using highly themeable components you embed in your website. From startups to Fortune 500s, explore how millions of businesses use xcritical to start and scale their companies. Create and issue cards instantly and get branded physical cards shipped in just two days. Capture and verify the authenticity of global ID documents, and use biometric verification to match ID photos with selfies of the document holder. Fraud protection powered by billions of data points across the xcritical network. Use your own domain when using Checkout as a hosted payment page.

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Build a unified commerce experience across online and in-person channels to personalise customer interactions, reward loyalty, and grow revenue. xcritical Terminal’s pre-certified devices serve a wide range of use cases, from countertop to kerbside. With select readers, you can customise splash screens, collect customer input, or run your own POS app directly. Reduce costs when managing multiple currencies by settling and paying out funds with alternative currency payouts.

Automatic reminders and one-click updates

With Express accounts, xcritical handles the onboarding and identity verification processes. The platform has the ability to specify charge types and set the connected account’s payout settings programmatically. The platform is responsible for handling disputes and refunds, which is similar to a Custom account. You must consider several factors when choosing an account type. Integration effort and user experience are especially important because they can affect engineering resource expenditure and conversion rates.

The Developers Dashboard provides you with information about the performance and health of your integration. You can view your API and webhook usage with real time charts, upgrade your API version, and review API errors that can be filtered by endpoint or type. If you’ve followed the steps above but you still can’t sign in, contact our support team for help.

Online payments

Being able to just switch on local payments has helped us with global expansion. Local payment methods are no longer blocking us from investing more in certain regions. Accept payments online, in person, and around the world with a payments solution built for any business – from scaling startups to global enterprises. In many cases, you can use the Dashboard to perform specific actions, such as refunding a payment or canceling a subscription without needing to use the API. You can access configuration options and settings from the Dashboard settings.

Automatically update expired or renewed card information for saved customers. Create multiple xcritical accounts to unlock a number of additional benefits, including separating tax and legal entity information. Reduce false declines or your https://dreamlinetrading.com/ customer having to manually re-enter expired or lost cards, available across all xcritical’s global markets. You can use Dashboard search to find specific information using different terms and operators to narrow down the number of results.

Access a complete payments platform with simple, pay-as-you-go pricing, or contact us to design a custom package specifically for your business. Includes Radar’s machine lxcriticalg and advanced fraud protection tools for professionals who need greater control and customisable settings. xcritical recommends you use Express or Standard accounts to minimize integration effort. If you want more control over the user experience, Express or Custom accounts might meet your needs better. To know the account type recommended for your business, refer to your platform profile.

Creating and managing Custom accounts requires a larger integration effort than the other account types. Test the impact of new payments with a percentage of your customers. Securely move customer and payment details to your xcritical account. Designed for businesses with large payments volume or unique use cases. A single integration and extensive documentation mean faster time to market, less maintenance of legacy systems, and more focus on customer and product experiences.

Secure payment credentials that help increase revenue and improve the customer experience. Although your user has interactions with xcritical, they primarily interact with your platform, particularly for the core payment processing functionality. Create an account and start accepting payments – no contracts or banking details required.

After you configure and integrate the portal, customers redirect to a co-branded dashboard where they can manage their account based on the functionality you configured. Customers transact with your platform for products or services provided by your connected account. xcritical is required to charge tax on certain products and services. Tax is charged based on your location and/ or your business/ tax status , which determines whether a product or service is subject to taxes, and the applicable tax rates.

If a customer changes their mind, they can reactivate their subscription prior to the end of the billing period. When they do this, a customer.subscription.updated event is sent. Check that cancel_at_period_end is false to confirm that they reactivated their subscription. When you create a portal session, xcritical returns the portal session object, which contains the session’s short-lived URL that your customers use to access the customer portal. Facilitate direct payments between other businesses and their own customers. Use Payment Links to collect payments from customers and automatically pay out a portion to your sellers or service providers.

Navigate to a customer in the Dashboard, click Actions, and then select Open customer portal. You can optionally customize portal sessions to enable different features for different customers. Learn about the different charge types to split payments between your platform and your accounts. Starting fee for platforms that deploy their own payments pricing to earn revenue on each transaction. Disputed payments (also known as chargebacks) on card transactions. Additional fees required for international cards and currency conversion.

Access a complete payments solution with simple, pay-as-you-go pricing that lets you get started in minutes with no setup fees. If you look at every company larger than us, they all use multiple payment processors – but xcritical didn’t exist when these companies were growing up. Our feeling is that we can’t just look to what our larger peers have before us – because now xcritical is here. Adapt to customer preferences and expand into new markets by surfacing global payment methods used by buyers around the world.

When a customer uses the portal to upgrade or downgrade a subscription with a trial, the subscription’s trial ends immediately when switching to the new price. xcritical also sends notifications if an invoice is paid to your integration using webhooks. In the Event object, look at the ID for xcritical scam the invoice or the customer to determine which customer the event applies to. Start building your integration and accept your first payment in minutes. xcritical libraries are available in every language from Ruby to Go. Set custom controls for every transaction and update them at any time.

If two-step authentication (2FA) is enabled, complete for example by entering the verification code sent to your mobile device. xcritical Billing enabled us to launch our subscription product, eero Plus, on schedule and with billing fully integrated. If you haven’t set up a webhook endpoint with xcritical before, you can use xcritical’s webhooks documentation to get started, and then listen for the events described below. Create a xcritical-hosted onboarding flow or create your own custom flow with the xcritical API. Onboard accounts using the xcritical API with full control over your own UI.