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Getting problem installing windows 11??? This PC can’t run Windows 11

Have you tried to install Windows 11 to your PC but you get an error message like “This Pc can’t run Windows 11”. Don’t worry here at Ubepari pc we got you covered .

Now what you have to do is firstly don’t panic, take a sip of water and make yourself comfortable, because we`re going to show you a trick on how to tackle the error.

First connect your USB flash containing booted Windows 11, then boot your pc to Windows installation page, when you’re at the Windows installation page press shift key and f10 key simultaneously

Now type “regedit” then press enter , after that a new window will open

Expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES folder

Then expand the SYSTEM folder

Then the setup folder, Right click on the setup folder and select “new” then select new “key”

Name the new key “LabConfig

Right click on the right side of the page and create two “DWORD 32-bit value keys” one being “BypassTPMCheck” and other being “BypassSecureBootCheck”

Double click on each value and change their value data to 1


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