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Exness Review Including 2024 Spreads And Leverage Levels

Whether you are a novice looking to test strategies with smaller volumes or an experienced trader seeking ultra-low spreads, Exness provides a range of options to enhance your trading experience. If we ignore the quick of somehow downloading Pocket Option (which you are unlikely to https://xcritical.online/ come across in markets Exness actually accepts clients from) then we think the offering Exness have is quite decent. Not only can you choose between 3 quality trading platforms they also have a good social trading app that avoids the generic offering many brokers are creating.

Desktop Trading Apps

There is no mention of guaranteed stop order fees in the provided information. Having traded since 1998, Justin is the CEO and Co-Founded CompareForexBrokers in 2004. Justin has published over 100 finance articles from Forbes, Kiplinger to Finance Magnates. He has a Masters and Commerce degree and has an active role in the fintech community. Opening an account with Exness is relatively straightforward and entails the usual steps. You will need to provide proof of identity, proof of residency, and verify your email and phone number.

Trading Fees

You can withdraw as little as $2 and Exness doesn’t charge any withdrawal or deposit fees. We found it interesting when we discovered that Exness automatically allocates a swap-free account (also called an Islamic account) to all clients based in countries that follow Sharia law. And unlike many swap-free accounts where there is an admin fee or widened spread in place of swaps, Exness does neither making it closer true sharia compliant account. One odd thing we noticed is that the live chat gives you a time-out message, even though you are actively chatting. Other than that, we think the customer service and support seem pretty good, and we scored Exness well accordingly.

Account Types

These apps grant traders the flexibility to access their accounts, execute trades, and monitor market developments while on the move. Exness does not specify a minimum deposit requirement, allowing traders to start with an amount that suits their financial situation. However, traders should be aware of potential minimum transaction amounts set by their payment providers. It’s available for both iOS and Android, it has all the features you would expect of a mobile trading app. That is one-click trading and charts designed for the small screen, unsurprising the analytic tools are a bit more limited compared to the web version. The mobile version comes with TradingView charts integrated which is good especially as you can receive signals that TradingView will curate for you.

Exness Key Features Snapshot

We thought the interface for this terminal was very clean which made it super easy for us to navigate to find information related to the trading instruments and analytical tools we wanted to research. Another feature we liked is that you can set your stop levels by price, percentage or account currency. Unfortunately, Exness don’t offer PayPal, or xcritical and limits NETELLER and Skrill to Kenya which is surprising. If you’re just starting out as a beginner, the Standard Cent account could be a good option as it allows you to trade with smaller lot sizes (0.01). It’s important to note that values are also reflected in cents rather than dollars (or whatever the cent equivalent is in your account currency). No commissions are charged on Standard Cent accounts, however, be aware that since you are trading with micro-lots, spreads will be wider than with other accounts.

Account Minimum

If you are using a Standard or Pro account with Exness, then you can trade with up to 96 Forex pairs. If you are trading with the Raw or Zero Account you can trade 73 Forex pairs which include fewer exotic pairs compared to the no-commission accounts. When selecting a broker, traders will need to weigh up which aspects are most important to them. If you’re looking for the lowest cost and a greater degree of safety, it could be worth checking some competitors. Once your account is set up (it shouldn’t take long to process), you’re ready to make your first deposit (the minimum is $200) and then proceed to select the account type which works best for you. Additionally, Exness offers you details on the availability of their support teams across the globe and offers phone and email support, 24 hours, 5 days a week.

  1. We also think unlimited leverage is pretty crazy and opportunistic from the broker.
  2. The Zero account, designed for market execution, provides zero spreads on top instruments for 95% of the day, making it suitable for expert advisors.
  3. This dynamic approach offers traders flexibility in managing their trading costs.
  4. No commissions are charged on Standard Cent accounts, however, be aware that since you are trading with micro-lots, spreads will be wider than with other accounts.
  5. However, we would have liked to have seen more and they have seen more shares, indices, and ETFs available.

Minimum order sizes start from 0.1 lots and the account is integrated with both MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader 5, there’s also a greater number of account currency types to choose from. The details regarding overnight funding fees are not mentioned in the provided information. In January 2023, Exness claimed to have 490,000 active traders, up 63% over a year. They also stated that active clients had increased by 12% from 440,000 in December 2022.

The inclusion of indices, stocks, and options further enhances trading opportunities, providing exposure to various market segments and strategies. Exness’ commitment to this diverse selection empowers traders to diversify their portfolios, adapt to market conditions, and implement a wide range of trading strategies to achieve their financial goals. For their standard account, average floating spreads start from 1 pip on EUR/USD. These spreads are taken from the broker’s website and we benchmarked them against other Forex brokers, and while they are fairly decent, they’re not the most competitive.

The Exness Academy offers various courses which run through key concepts from managing the risks, to analysing price action. Exness offers a fairly good selection of educational resources which are categorised from beginner to advanced, so no matter where you sit on the trading experience spectrum, there will undoubtedly be something for you. For desktop trading, Exness supports the widely acclaimed MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms. These platforms are renowned for their extensive charting tools, technical indicators, and capabilities for algorithmic trading. Once your account is live, any further deposits will need to be at least $10.

These resources provide invaluable insights into market trends, trading behaviors, and instrument-specific details. One prominent feature is the real-time push notifications that traders receive directly to their devices, ensuring they stay informed about market movements, price alerts, and potential trading opportunities. Exness employs a variable spread model on its trading instruments, with spread values subject to change based on market conditions and account type. This dynamic approach offers traders flexibility in managing their trading costs. Exness offers fairly competitive spreads on their RAW account with spreads starting from as low as 0 pips for certain major pairs like EUR/USD. On their Zero account, they have zero pip spreads for the top 30 currency pairs 95% of the time however, you will be charged commissions on both types of accounts in addition to the spread.

Their help centre also has some pretty good information which can answer some basic questions. We also think unlimited leverage is pretty crazy and opportunistic from the broker. While trading with some leverage when done properly can be very useful, unless you know what you are doing or can afford to lose we recommend responsible trading which means limiting the leverage you use. It also integrates with both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 which is a big plus. Minimum deposits on Exness start from $10, but you’ll initially need to deposit $200 when first opening an account.

Exness has a decent range of forex pairs to trade but it doesn’t offer any ETFs, bonds or treasuries, futures, or the option to purchase underlying shares. If you are a beginner and don’t really understand all the concepts of trading and just want to find good signal providers to follow, the Exness social trading app is a decent option. If you are going to follow someone then there is every reason to want to know the signal providers equity and their risk management strategies.

The Standard Cent account is tailored for newbies, allowing them to trade smaller volumes with cent lots for testing strategies. With stable spreads, reliable execution, and no commission, it provides an ideal starting point with up to 36 trading instruments. The Standard account, suitable for both novice and experienced traders, features no minimum deposit requirements, stable spreads, and over 120 trading options. The Pro account targets seasoned traders, offering limitless orders, smaller volumes, and low spreads from 0.1 pip. The Zero account, designed for market execution, provides zero spreads on top instruments for 95% of the day, making it suitable for expert advisors.

Exness offers efficient customer support services tailored to traders’ needs. They provide support during standard and extended hours to accommodate various time zones. Multi-channel support options, including live chat, email, and phone, cater to diverse communication preferences. Exness’ trading platforms provide a good range of options for traders, including the popular MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Lastly, the Raw Spread account, tailored for experienced traders, boasts ultra-low, stable spreads with a fixed commission per lot, no position limits, and market execution. Exness is an ideal broker for both novice and seasoned traders, offering a wide range of trading instruments and advanced features. Its user-friendly platform and competitive spreads make xcritical cheating trading hassle-free, while the absence of commission fees further enhances the value for traders. The broker’s robust regulation and commitment to security inspire confidence in traders, ensuring a safe trading environment. Exness offers unlimited leverage, which for better or worse, is a clear differentiator that sets it apart from many other forex brokers.

As of April 2023, Exness had 476,000 active traders, demonstrating a strong growth trajectory. Additionally, their trading volume in 2021 was over $11 trillion, and this was verified by their independent auditor, Deloitte. Drawbacks we noticed include the lack of ability to set price alerts but strangely we can do this with the mobile version. The other missing feature is a lack of education and integrated research tools like connectivity to Forex news.

We think this account is best if you know exactly which currency pairs you intend to trade. The Pro Account is much the same as the Standard Account but has instant execution instead of market execution. Instant order execution is available for assets across forex, metals, indices, energy, and stocks but not cryptocurrencies and is a good choice if you want greater control of your orders. Additionally, Exness equips traders with trend exploration tools, facilitating the analysis of market trends to identify suitable entry and exit points. Furthermore, traders can access instrument-specific insights, enabling them to make well-informed decisions based on the unique characteristics of each asset.

Funnily enough, I asked my colleague in Australia (where Exness don’t serve to assist me with testing the app) and unlike me, he uses iOS and he had a strange experience. The Exness terminal is built using HTML5 which ensures the browser loads fast and is secure thanks to advanced encryption. When we test the platform, we found it performed as well as any desktop which is a good thing as it means you can use the platform on any medium you can access a web browser, even mobiles. Additionally, Exness is a market maker which means they provide their own liquidity and are the counterparty to your trades.

Exness excels in its account opening procedure, which is both efficient and user-friendly. Typically completed within 1 to 2 days, the process is quick and hassle-free. Exness distinguishes itself by offering a seamless verification process that prioritizes compliance and security while expediting account activation.